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geometric animals poster for kids room

Geometric animals poster for kids room

All about our kids

As you can know, I love spending my free time to create a design for kids room. It makes me think of what my son would love to have in his own room. So here my last creation to decorate a kid room. A geometric animals poster, your children will certainly love it, I really focus on using the same geometric shape to reproduce different animals. Why animals? Because every kid loves animals, even myself. They are all curious about each one of them, about the way they live, the sound they are making, if they are nice or fierce, tall or small, big or small etc…

So I decide to play around animals. And my 5 years old son had a lot of fun, trying to guess which animal it is. Once he found all of them, he felt so happy.

If you are interested in this poster, just let me know.

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