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Galette des rois a la frangipane

Epiphany cake

Total time: 40 min
Servings: 8

After Xmas and New Year’s eve, as we didn’t eat enough, here comes Epiphany. Find the pleasure to savor this delicious and traditional Epiphany cake filled with frangipani. The one who will find the charm will have the honour to be the king or the queen of the day.


2 puff pastry
120 g of sugar
2 eggs + 1 egg yolk
60 g of softened butter
150 g of almond powder
1 vanilla pod
2 tsp of rhum


Heat your oven to 180°C.

Whisk the sugar, the almond powder and the softened butter. Then add 2 eggs into it, whisk. Add the rhum and the vanilla beans. Your frangipani is ready.
Roll the puff pastry out, pour the frangipani on it and close with the second puff pastry. Stir together the egg yolk with 1 teaspoon of water and brush it evenly over the top, avoid getting the glaze on the sides, which will inhibit the pastry from rising at the edges. Use a paring knife to create a design on top. Bake 15 min at 180°C then at 160°C during 10 more min.

Discover this recipe of the epiphany cake, also called galette des rois. Schema on how to fold the dough.


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